#FreakyFriday: Breaking Down the UFO Abduction Phenomenon with Joe Jordan

Hosted by Aaron Barker


Hour 1

In the first hour, Joe discusses how he come to be involved in MUFON, the world’s oldest, largest, all volunteer, non-profit, civilian, research organization.

A love for science fiction drew him to a book about the incident at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.  However, he was still skeptical but visited a UFO museum on International Drive in Orlando, Florida.  Seeking answers, he bombarded the owner with questions about the UFO phenomena.  The owner quickly found out that Joe’s questions wouldn’t be satiated with a monthly journal.  He become a Field Investigator, started a MUFON chapter in his area, and furthered his personal research.

Knowing that the “Experiencers,” those who had abduction encounters, contained the real information to get to the bottom of the phenomena.  He found that these Experiencers suffered from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder  and other psychosocial issues and needed to be handled carefully and kindly.  This is what birthed “CE4 Research Group” which means “Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind” the kind dealing specifically with abductions.

Hour 2

When dealing with abductions, Joe had to have extreme discernment to help separate real memories, false memories, and implanted memories.  These memories or recollections of Experiencers had an element of truth, but didn’t have the foundational expectations of what real memories possessed.

Joe then digs into the real nature of aliens – they are anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-Bible, and anti-Creation – anything that goes against the True God of this universe. “If these are extraterrestrial, biological beings coming from another world from vast distances, why would they come here to bash one belief system when we have so many belief systems on this planet,” Joe asks.

Drawing from his research, Joe describes his conversion to Christianity through a previous girlfriend. After this, he recounts the first observation where the name of Jesus Christ stopped an abduction experience and saved an individual from harm.

This information is what the Ufologist and UFO research community does not want you to hear.


Joseph G. Jordan

Joseph G. Jordan is a 27-year member of the Mutual UFO Network, the world’s oldest, largest, all volunteer, not for profit, civilian, UFO investigation research organization.
Joe is the MUFON National Director for South Korea, a MUFON (Rapid Deployment) Star Team member, and a member of the MUFON Inner Circle. By profession, Joe is a Safety Professional for an American contractor company supporting the U.S. in South Korea, where he has worked and lived for the past ten years.

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