Government Full Disclosure on UFOs with Jason McLean

What did you really expect the government to do? Release a report that says we are, in fact, under surveillance and possible danger of an extraterrestrial attack? You’re dreaming.

Did we anticipate anything else?

On this #FreakyFriday episode, we welcome friend of the show Jason McLean to give us his take on what is really going on.

Artist and Biblical paranormal researcher, Jason McLean lives in Waxahachie, Texas with his three children and beautiful, long-suffering wife. Beyond his lifelong love of art and comics, Jason’s life has been consumed with the study of archaeology, cryptozoology, ufology, and astronomy in order to better understand the Bible, its teachings, and the One behind its creation. These passions have prompted him to create the Society for the Investigation and Research of the Unexplained (S.I.R.U.). Visit that site here:

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