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CNN caught in a lie about Fox News. The Omicron variant is trending causing states to shut down, implement mask mandates, and resort back to 2020 style Draconian measures.

Justice was partially served in the Ahmaud Arbery trial, as all three defendants were found guilty. But there is another tragic story from Florida about a pregnant woman who allegedly purposely hit a motorcyclist in a bout of road rage. She fled the scene with the alleged victim in tow, along with two other persons. Once at her house, the terrible events which followed are nothing short of insane.

Let’s do a post Thanksgiving recap and discuss the craziness you had to face during the Turkey Day dinner. It’s the same canard: Christopher Columbus was a homicidal, genocidal maniac. The puritans were bad, and Native American’s are still mourning the arrival of the Pilgrims. It’s time to set the record straight and discuss the real agenda of these attacks – the hatred of American and all for which it stands.

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