COVID Camps Coming To Your Neighborhood

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Vegemite


The Daily Breakdown:

The Australian army has begun rounding up COVID positive citizens and shipping them off to a quarantine camp. Not only those who have tested positive, but those with whom they have been in contact. The number started at 19, but quickly rose to over 38 and counting.

We’ve seen the writing on the wall for nearly a year. Up until recently, the benevolent Aussie dictators allowed the plebeians to leave their homes for five reasons only:

  1. Buying food and supplies,
  2. Exercising for up to two hours,
  3. Care or caregiving,
  4. Work or education
  5. Or to get vaccinated at the nearest possible location

This has been whittled down to two:

  1. Medical treatment/Emergency care
  2. Or as required by law
    1. Which includes being shuttled to the nearest COVID camp

This will not be isolated to the great land Down Under; Austria has instituted hard lockdowns for anyone who has not had their COVID-19 gene therapy jab, and other European countries are following suit. Before we know it, the United States will be instituting mandatory lockdowns for the unvaccinated, followed by loading the unvaxxed on rail cars destined for Multi-variant COVID Reeducation Concentration Camps.

Nothing makes a conspiracy theorist more sad than when one of their seemingly wild predictions comes true. That is no more apparent than now. But this is not the time to give in or give up, no. Now is the time to dig in, fight for the truth, stand with our shoulders back, chins up, and chests puffed out proudly declaring that we are the noncompliers.

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