Extremist Lives Matter

Everyone Is An Extremist Who Disagrees With The Left

The Pentagon has released a new set of guidelines in an attempt to root out extremism in the military, saying that “liking” white nationalist and extremist content on social media could result in disciplinary action.

White supremacy is understood. Anyone who believes they are superior to other human beings created in the image of God simply because of skin color, nationality, or ethnicity can’t be trusted to protect those people groups.

However, the term “extremism” has taken on a life of its own. Over the years, the government has released what they consider violent extremism and domestic terrorism; the list is terrifying:

  • Paying with cash
  • Wearing blue jeans
  • Carrying a pocket constitution
  • Being white
  • Taking photos
  • Believing that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself – he didn’t
  • Questioning the 2020 election results
  • COVID vaccine hesitancy
  • Parents speaking out against Critical Race Theory in schools

I shudder to think of a society with these monsters roaming the streets.

If our military is being purged of individuals considered extremist, and they are teaching new recruits that the aforementioned points are extremism, how long before the military is turned on citizens?

If we allow politicians to define this word, what we find is a cacophony of beliefs that result in painting anyone who disagrees with the State as an extremist. This is yet another step in the Marxist Fascist takeover of America – disarm civilians, purge, radicalize, and politicize the military, then institute martial law.

Do not mistake this purge as a way to make our military more safe; its intent is to make the military more dangerous.

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