Freedom in Christ is the Answer to Our Social Issues

Politics Is Important, But the Gospel is What Changes Hearts

Crazy video from someone who was trapped in the candle factory in Mayfield, KY after devastating tornadoes ripped through the town. We have a chance to listen in on what is truly a horrible event. Please keep praying for all of those who are hurting and for those who are recovering.

However tragic, the #liberals won’t give anything a chance to cool down. Why? Well, they are liberals. Let’s see what they have to say about the tragedy in Kentucky.

We really do have #manmadeclimate change – but not in the way you think. If the liberals opened their eyes (republicans, also) to #Geoengineering, we’d move the needle a lot closer to fixing this issue.

What happens with 300 #Christians gather to sing #ChristmasCarols? Some people don’t like it. Let’s take a look at how Christ Church answers hecklers whilst singing songs glorifying #KingJesus.

This is how culture is changed – by advancing a #Kingdom approach to all life. It’s called #ComprehensiveRedemption.

Joe Biden appears on Jimmy Fallon’s show, turning it into a propaganda mill. What does the left do about the sordid racial history of #JoeBiden? Nothing, of course.

Now on to #JussieSmollett and the immediate response of the #leftist support. Did they recant? No – because it’s only about appearance, not injustice.

Don’t forget the #WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot segment – sans the segment music…but it’s still a good #WTF seg!

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