Crazy video from someone who was trapped in the candle factory in Mayfield, KY after devastating tornadoes ripped through the town. We have a chance to listen in on what is truly a horrible event. Please keep praying for all of those who are hurting and for those who are recovering.

However tragic, the #liberals won’t give anything a chance to cool down. Why? Well, they are liberals. Let’s see what they have to say about the tragedy in Kentucky.

We really do have #manmadeclimate change – but not in the way you think. If the liberals opened their eyes (republicans, also) to #Geoengineering, we’d move the needle a lot closer to fixing this issue.

What happens with 300 #Christians gather to sing #ChristmasCarols? Some people don’t like it. Let’s take a look at how Christ Church answers hecklers whilst singing songs glorifying #KingJesus.

This is how culture is changed – by advancing a #Kingdom approach to all life. It’s called #ComprehensiveRedemption.

Joe Biden appears on Jimmy Fallon’s show, turning it into a propaganda mill. What does the left do about the sordid racial history of #JoeBiden? Nothing, of course.

Now on to #JussieSmollett and the immediate response of the #leftist support. Did they recant? No – because it’s only about appearance, not injustice.

Don’t forget the #WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot segment – sans the segment music…but it’s still a good #WTF seg!

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