Who is the single most powerful person in the United States right now? No, it’s not your wife. It’s Dr. Andrew Fauci. Consider this:

Last year, at the beginning of the shamdemic and the meteoric rise of Fauci, he joked that Brad Pitt should play him on Saturday Night Live. Within a few weeks, it happened. And wasn’t funny, either.
He said that those who attack him are actually attacking science.
He is pushing for vaccine mandates. Biden listened and so have many countries, states and cities.
President Biden joked recently that the real President is actually Dr. Fauci.

But not everyone worships His Holiness. Just last week, Fox News conservative pundit Lara Logan reported that many around the world compared Fauci to Josef Mengele.

This angered the embodiment of science. How dare someone make such disgusting comparisons? The leftist media came to his defense. How can they compare the life-saving measures of Fauci to what the Nazis did?

They do all of this while forgetting that from the moment Trump announced his run for president, they labeled him a fascist dictator like Hitler. They called Trump and his supporters white supremacists, racists, bigots and compared them to Nazis helping Hitler rise to power. Called on it time and again, not once was there an apology issued by the leftist media.

Yet Dr. Fauci complains, and that’s when the ears of the left perk up.

So What does Fox News do? Do they rally the wagons around Laura Logan? Do they stand for free speech?

No. She has disappeared from the Fox News airwaves.

See, no one dare speak ill of the demigod Fauci. Lest they feel the wrath of the leftist imps. Indeed, what Fauci wants, Fauci gets.

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