As we approach the one-year anniversary of the January 6, 2021 Capitol protest, there are lies being pushed to cast Trump and his supporters as savage extremists.

The most despicable so far is the hit piece published in the Associated Press to smear Ashli Babbitt, the only person to die at the capitol on that day.

In the piece, the AP dredged up past inequities of Mrs. Babbitt in an attempt to try her in the court of public opinion posthumously. It’s easy to see why: if Mrs. Babbitt had a troubled past with multiple run in’s with the law, imagine what she could have done if she breached those doors? She could hurt – perhaps even kill someone. You know, like Lt. Michael Byrd did? A person like Babbitt, with such rotten skeletons in their mental closet, is easy prey for a master manipulator like Trump, right?

Justifications like these are unethical, to say nothing about how painful they for the family.

Think about this pain the next time a young black man is gunned down in the streets and conservative news outlets give you a detailed glimpse into the criminal record of their past. “They deserved what they got,” say the pieces. “After all, look what kind of person they were!”

We all have secrets we hope are never revealed, so each case must be taken in the context of the situation in which it happens. Who you were may not play into how you die. But ask yourself: when you kick it, will they display your mugshot or your graduation photo?

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