Ancient Cryptozoology/Claiming Victory Over a Stressful Lifestyle

Hosted by Aaron Barker


Hour 1

In the first hour, Aaron discusses the largest pterosaur discovered from the Jurassic period. The largest Jurassic pterosaur on record has been discovered in Scotland. The largest Jurassic pterosaur on record has been discovered in Scotland. Named “Dearc sgiathanach” in Gaelic, meaning “winged reptile from the sky” had a wingspan of more than eight feet long, which is shocking for a pterosaur from the Jurassic period. Interestingly, pterosaurs needed very lightweight, delicate bone walls to carry the massive creatures. Because of this, the bones were fragile, making it nearly impossible to fossilize. Paleontologists are shocked that this specimen made it long enough to be discovered. This led into an interesting discussion about the age of the earth and the potential that fossils are much younger than we think. Is Bigfoot a descendant of giants? Perhaps the Nephilim? Researchers were able to record the brain activity from the last moments of a person’s life via an EEG. It raised some amazing questions about the end of life and near-death experiences. Could this explain why there are so many similarities in those who have crossed that great divide and come back?

Hour 2

Susan Smith Jones, PhD, author of WIRED FOR HIGH-LEVEL WELLNESS: Simple Ways to Rejuvenate, Meditate &  Prosper, details how she got started in the field of holistic health. After her father passed away unexpectedly when she was 15 years old, she spiraled into deep a depression, putting on a tremendous amount of weight in a short period of time.  This led to developing acne, asthma, allergies, and arthritis. She tells how her grandmother, Fritzie, noticed this deadly trend and asked her to move in with her for three months.  Fritzie was not a doctor, but had great wisdom on how to use food and spices to heal the body.
Susan further discusses how our immune system is so negatively impacted by stress. It’s up to each of us to bolster our immune systems, so we can be as healthy as humanly possible, especially since all the mask mandates are falling by the wayside. And one of the best places to start to bolster immunity is to learn to reduce and manage your stress level. Our body initiates what’s called a “stress response” which is meant to handle stressful situations, but it shuts down your immune system, increasing our chance of illness.  She shares the twelve steps to keep ourselves healthy, focused, and blessed.


Susan Smith Jones, Ph.D.

For a woman with three of America’s most ordinary names, Susan Smith Jones, Ph.D., has certainly made extraordinary contributions in the fields of holistic health, anti-aging, optimum nutrition and balanced living. For starters, she taught students, staff, and faculty at UCLA how to be healthy and fit for 30 years! Susan is the founder and president of Health Unlimited, a Los Angeles-based consulting firm dedicated to optimal wellness, health education and human potential. Susan is a frequent radio and TV talk show guest and motivational speaker. Full Bio


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