End Times Time Line / Start of World War III

Hosted by Aaron Barker


Hour 1

Aaron appears on Sunday Long Live Radio and discusses the timeline of the Biblical End Times that Christians see unfolding. Using scripture, he discusses the possibility that Russia’s move on Ukraine could be the heralding event of the Second Coming of Christ. Not only this, but Iraq has for years attempted to rebuild the great city of Babylon – which is also prophesied in the scriptures.

Then, he talks about how the police are not being charged in a suspicious shooting in which Breonna Taylor was killed. After police attempted to serve a No-Knock Warrant, Taylor’s boyfriend fires a shot, thinking it was a burglar. Thirty-two rounds later, Breonna Taylor lie dead in her hallway.

Aaron then takes questions from the chat and engages with the audience.

Hour 2

Pastor Car Gallups joins the program this hour to talk with us about Russia and Biblical prophecy.  During the time, he discusses the possibility of Russia’s attack on Ukraine being the beginning of World War III.  Although it’s speculation, the biblical war of Gog and Magog to lean towards and interpretation that could indicate an attack against Israel from Russia.  Pastor Carl explains the geographical history of the area in answering certain biblical questions which have plagued many Christians.  There is also the fear that with the extreme unrest resulting from Russia’s actions, a singular person could rise who would be able to bring peace to the world via treaties.  Biblically, this person is called the antichrist.  Pastor Carl engages in healthy speculation that we could, in fact, see the beginning of the end.


Pastor Carl Gallups

In 2016 Fox News Business Report called Pastor Carl Gallups one of the top-five most influential evangelical leaders in America. Pastor Carl Gallups has been the senior pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, Florida since 1987. He is an internationally acclaimed Amazon TOP-60 best selling author of numerous books, a ghostwriter and contributing author for several other renowned bestselling authors, and was a conservative radio talk show host from 2002-2021 on two Gulf Coast AM stations and two Gulf Coast FM stations. He was the host of two shows – Ask the Preacher with Pastor Carl Gallups, and Freedom Friday with Carl Gallups – the Oval Office of Gulf Coast Talk Radio. Currently, Ask the Preacher still airs on 1620 AM and 92.3 FM on the Gulf Coast (9-10 AM ET).  Full Bio


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