Hero Trooper, Bigfoot Saves Little Girl / Dreams and Consciousness

Hosted by Aaron Barker


Hour 1

Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Toni Schuck is being hailed as a hero because she placed her vehicle in the path of a drunk driver, stopping the criminal with a head-on collision.

Watch the amazing footage of the moment she was hit.

Earth is headed for the sixth mass extinction event. Is the blame correctly appropriated?

Customs and Border Patrol made a life-saving bust at the border. You won’t believe what they confiscated.

Customer’s at Walgreen’s and other stores are mad over a new edition to their soda isles. You won’t believe what it is.

Hour 2

Neurologists may have found a link between consciousness and lucid dreaming.

How does this help our overall understanding of being self-aware humans?

Can AI have consciousness? A young woman finds herself lost in the woods, but a large, hairy, mysterious humanoid creeps up to her (no, it was not Aaron) and points her in the right direction.

Stay tuned for the world-famous Whiskey Tango Foxtrot segment, where we scour the internet to find the stories that make you say, “What the Foxtrot?”


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