Joseph G. Jordan

Joseph G. Jordan

Joseph G. Jordan is a 27-year member of the Mutual UFO Network, the world’s oldest, largest, all volunteer, not for profit, civilian, UFO investigation research organization.

Joe is the MUFON National Director for South Korea, a MUFON (Rapid Deployment) Star Team member, and a member of the MUFON Inner Circle.

By profession, Joe is a Safety Professional for an American contractor company supporting the U.S. in South Korea, where he has worked and lived for the past ten years.

Joe is also the head of CE4 Research Group, an investigative research group that studies the “so-called” alien abduction phenomenon from a Christian perspective. The research findings of CE4 Research Group, (the most powerful evidence in the world today, of the true nature of the entities behind the “so-called” alien abduction experience), have been published in over 37 different authored books in the past two decades.

Joe Jordan, along with new CE4 Researcher, Jason Dezember, of Huntington Beach, California, have just released their new book “Piercing the Cosmic Veil, You Shall not be
Afraid of the Terror by Night”, where the published findings of CE4 Research Group lean toward a more likelihood of the “so-
called alien” visitors, being of a localized, interdimensional, or spiritual nature, rather than extraterrestrial biological entities from
other planetary systems in our vast Universe.

Their book is now available for order on Amazon in paperback, as well as in Kindle

Joe Jordan and the CE4 Research Group, are now video interviewing Experiencer testimonials on their new YouTube Podcast Show, “Alien Intruders-The Piercing The Cosmic Veil Show”.

Need help with alien issues? Reach out to Joe Jordan by going to


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