Rise of the Machines

Hosted by Aaron Barker

Self-evolving Artificial Intelligence is a subject that could be ripped from a sci-fi, techno-horror flick. Let’s break it down.

In a recent article by James Vincent in the TheVerge.com, he details the insane abilities of machines. In the article, Vincent states that, “Google is using machine learning to help design its next generation of machine learning chips. The algorithm’s designs are “comparable or superior” to those created by humans.”

We mere mortals will be gophers, monitoring outputs by our machine masters.

Along with designing their own algorithms and programs, they’ll be able to 3-D print hardware to make them more deadly, err, effective.

If you’re in the slightest bit freaked out about the potential of AI taking on a life of its own and turning on human beings like the movies, let me help you out. YOU ARE RIGHT!

We aren’t talking about cute, likeable machines like Wall-E or the Bi-Centinnial man. We’re talking the machines from Matrix; we’re talking H.A.L 9000 from A Space Odyssey. We’re talking Cyberdyne Systems Model 101, Arnold Schwarzenegger type human killing bloodthirsty robots.

Some of us might be thinking that we’ll escape the deadly onslaught of rapidly evolving robots. But let me remind you that the one machine you should be most worried about is the adorable, sexy-voiced Alexa who sits on your counter spying on your every move. It’s hard being part of the resistance when you ask Skynet to add toilet paper to your shopping list.

Let’s ask Sarah Connor if she prefers an android knowing all her intimate shopping details. I’m sure she’ll have some good advice for all of us.

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