Starting a Cannabis Survival Church / Win-Win Survival Communities

Hosted by Aaron Barker


Hour 1

Tonight we welcome Marshall Masters to the program.  Marshall has an extensive background in research on Planet X, which is what led him into studying survival setups. He then opens up about sustainable survival communities called “Cannabis Survival Churches.”

When you bring this title up to most, the “Cheech and Chong Effect” goes in to play.  Although most may think it’s a hippie commune, Marshall helps dispel this myth, laying out what a Cannabis Survival church is, how it can thrive, and why you should be a part.

Ideally, you should be 150 miles from the coastline, 350 miles from any major metropolitan area, and at least 2000 feet above sea level.

A main part of the survival community is the underground aspect, where dome shaped concrete houses are utilized to protect families.

Hour 2

The second hour begins the real depth of the interview with Marshall Masters. In order to maximize the learning experience, Marshall has provided a free, full-color e-book for you to follow along with his talk (download below).

Marshall discusses the cost of Cannabis Survival Churches and admits that the high number for community construction does scare families. However, he lays out a way for you to not only raise the capital for underground farming, but gives you ideas on how to do it. The question comes up as to why cannabis is the cash crop. Pound-for-pound, underground, aquaponic grown cannabis sells for more at wholesale than truffle’s at retail.

It’s already being done by a group called “Green Relief.” We get a tour through one of their facilities and see how aquaponics helps produce revenues of more than $10 million dollars per year.

Be sure to get the free e-book below and enjoy all that the interview offers.

Hour 3 Overdrive

There was so much information that Aaron asked Marshall to hang out for an extra segment.  Since the majority of the discussion centered around the nuts and bolts of creating the Cannabis Survival Churches, we now learn what the nuts and bolts of the community are. 

Marshall and Aaron walk through “Win-Win Survival Handbook.”  These communities are not about simply surviving, they are about thriving beyond any type of collapse that we can foresee. Along with raising cannabis to help others surviving any type of cataclysmic event, it’s imperative to train a next generation of those who will carry this on.

Aaron makes the point that these communities can be useful now because they are not about simply surviving, but thriving. Marshall and Aaron also discuss that this isn’t about Earth only, but colonizing other planets.


Marshall Masters

Preparedness author Marshall Masters has written numerous books addressing earth changes, space threats, and sustainable survival strategies and technologies. His mission is to help survival community leaders to create sustainable communication strategies using affordable two-way radios. He holds an FCC amateur general class radio license and has completed hundreds of hours of FEMA emergency training courses in preparation for his latest books, Win-Win Survival Handbook: All-Hazards Safety and Future Space Colonization and Radio Free Earth: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Survival Communications.  Full Bio



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