Cristine Price, Ph.D.

Cristine Price, PhD.

Cristine Price, Ph.D., has a doctorate in Natural Medicine and a Master’s degree in psychology. She has practiced integrative mental health for over two decades and authored various self-help tools in nutrition, recovery, and emotional transformation. Her most influential teachers are masters of meditation and mindfulness. Cristine trains quantum practitioners in a holistic approach to healing, addressing the spirit, mind, and body. Her modalities, including Quantum Wholeness Meditation and The Complete EFT Method, have been accredited internationally.
In 2020 Cristine felt called to the mission of raising consciousness through meditation practice. She established as a home for a million meditators. The intention of her group meditation is currently to raise the frequency of mental health. Cristine’s expertise is featured weekly on various podcasts and holistic health venues. You can learn more at (no "h" in Cristine) or join her meditation groups at


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