Raising Thought Frequencies / Quantum Wholeness Meditation

Hosted by Aaron Barker


Hour 1

Aaron opens the show with his thoughts on the way we think and what can be done to raise the frequency of our thoughts. Not how often we think, but the vibrations of the types of thoughts we are thinking. The Bible tells us that we are to focus on the true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and things of a good report. How do we do this? What is the purpose, and will it help? He also discusses the Kardashev scale, a hypothetical scale rating civilizations based on their energy capabilities. Will we ever ascend to a higher level?

At the bottom of the hour, Cristine Price, Ph.D. joins us to discuss the quantum realm. She talks about her journey from addiction to helping others. She begins by discussing how everything has a calibration, pioneered by Dr. David Hawkins’ work with patients in asylums. Cristine also talks about high frequency and low frequency music and how it affects our ability to control urges for addictions. She developed a model of seven frequencies which parallel the seven Chakras. She touches on her 33 years of recovery and the elevation of her frequency.

Hour 2

Cristine discusses something she has directly brought to the arena of Quantum Health, and that is “Quantum Wholeness Meditation,” which is meditation for the Eastern mind and the Christian heart. She recounts a story about this method and gives an example on how it directly helped a married couple struggling. Aaron also brings up a question from a friend, Rea Bow, about how the heart reacts to certain images displayed. Cristine’s answer is amazing and sheds a whole new light on the subject. Then, Aaron and Cristine discuss Adam and Eve’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden.


Cristine Price, PhD.

Cristine Price, Ph.D., has a doctorate in Natural Medicine and a Master’s degree in psychology. She has practiced integrative mental health for over two decades and authored various self-help tools in nutrition, recovery, and emotional transformation. Her most influential teachers are masters of meditation and mindfulness. Cristine trains quantum practitioners in a holistic approach to healing, addressing the spirit, mind, and body. Her modalities, including Quantum Wholeness Meditation and The Complete EFT Method, have been accredited internationally.



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