#FreakyFriday: Operation Stop CPS with Amanda and Tafarrah


Today’s episode delves deep into the seedy underbelly of government sponsored child kidnapping.  Child Protective Services has a sordid history of taken children without cause, destroying families, and some speculate has ties to child trafficking.

Amanda Wallace and Tafarrah Austin are former CPS investigators who have had enough of false and ineffective investigations.  So, they took action by launching Operation Stop CPS.  This no holds-barred approach has already brought them into two actions to help get children back into their mother’s arms.

Amanda and Tafarrah take us on a journey to understand what CPS does and offers us solutions as to how to fix it.  We also expose the racial inequality which exists in policing and education, which leads to the disproportionate numbers of black families who are effected in these cases.

However, the most important part of this interview occurs when Amanda and Tafarrah tell us about Kimmaire Sellers, a mother who gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Zephaniah in May. Two days later, she was visited by a social worker who demanded answers to questions but refused to tell her why they were being asked. She decided it was time to go - but the hospital security had something else to say. Listen to her story.  


From the Operation Stop CPS website:

“Hi Family, we’re Amanda and Tafarrah and we are passionate about Child Protection and Family Protection.  We know the Child Protection System is oppressive and we are determined to demand change.  Over the last decade we’ve followed the policies created and implemented with the intent to ensure child safety. Home visits, school visits, background checks, requesting records and so MUCH MORE.  We know what Social Workers are trained to do after a report of abuse and/or neglect is received on your family, and we are giving all our knowledge to you.  Families of Color, Families in Crisis, and Families in Poverty are negatively impacted by CPS at a much higher rate.  Oppression is deeply rooted in the policies created to Over Police Families.   

“Take Your Knee off the Necks of Families.  They Can’t Breathe”

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